Executive Summary
NW Designs and More is an established, long term business in the Seattle area that is poised on the precipice of launching a hugely successful line of sportswear and merchandise. With over 20 years of business experience and designs that have already proven to be marketable, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

The current business owner, Don Herbert, began working as a partner in 1995 in Chameleon Graphics. When his partner decided to leave the industry, Don took over and renamed the business Northwest Designs and More. The business grew stagnant until 2014 when Don decided to start selling some original designs on the Seattle waterfront. Business has increased dramatically since that time. NW Designs and More now has two sales representatives and has original designs being sold in 35-40 stores in the Seattle area.

Our primary objective is to become the premier screen print business for the Seattle area. We plan to do this first by increasing our presence with established designs on the Seattle waterfront as well as in local and national chain stores in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Another long term objective is to have our designs licensed through the sports teams in the Seattle area and become a vendor in their merchandising strategy.

Keys to Success
Our keys to success are:
A strong, recognizable brand
Creative, unique designs that become almost instantly popular with our target audience
Strong business acumen
Established contacts in the Seattle area
A passion for the industry and a desire to succeed

Description of Business
NW Designs and More is a screen printing and graphics firm. Due to our creative designs and passion for the sports franchises in the Seattle area, we are branching out and forming our own line of sportswear and sports merchandise, all bearing our original, innovative designs.

Company Ownership/Legal Entity
NW Designs and More is an LLC with Don Herbert as CEO. We are a long term, existing business that is currently expanding into the sportswear design industry.

Because of the unique nature of our business, NW Designs and More does not have a need for a separate store front location. Our designs and merchandise are sold online and in retail stores. Our print and design facility is located in Des Moines, WA.

Our products include t-shirts and other merchandise with original graphic designs and logos. Including the Seattle Bird sportswear line as well as Hawks and Dawgs designs.

Market Analysis

Our target market are fans of the sports franchises in the Seattle area. This includes potential buyers across all demographics and the unique target market of multi-generational families.

Advertising and Promotion
Our advertising plan is centered around becoming a licensed vendor for the Seattle area sports franchises. This would allow for advertising and promotion using the franchise name and market base at sporting events, in local retailers and on local radio and television media.