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When Habitat opened its doors, there was a clear mission to make great design accessible, and with that, the British public’s relationship with furniture and homeware was forever changed. More than 50 years later, in an ever-changing home and furniture market, Sainsbury’s and Argos are well placed to continue the heritage of Habitat and future-proof this great British brand.

The Habitat Design Manager Andrew Tanner graduated from the University of Brighton in 3D Craft and exhibited at New Designers in 1997. The Habitat Design Studio houses over 20 designers from across ceramics, illustration, furniture, lighting, graphics, typography and print. Eleven of the creatives in the studio all showed at New Designers which is why we are proud to sponsor the New Designers Exhibition for its 5th consecutive year.


Habitat have supported New Designers for 6 years.


Image: Habitat ‘Optimist’ collection living room