Our STORY - In November of 2017 I got an idea from another one of my designs by taking a part of it that I liked to see what it might look like If I added it to a hi top sports shoe. So I played around with it and did little bit of tweeking. I then added it to a hi top sports shoe image using Photoshop. Once I did that I knew I had something very special. We had no name for it yet, just an eye and eyebrow.


It was time to finally put a name to it. So the search was on. After many days of searching, a good friend of mine said how about your sons name? I said hey, that sounds good. Janvan is his name and we named him after his uncle who was murdered in the Philippines where he lived. I thought this would be a perfect way in honering his uncle and naming it after my son at the same time. Now a few days had passed by and my coach at the time said to try and shorten the name to 4 letters. I said sure... I knew what to do, so the name JVAN was created.


While driving for Lyft & Uber in a 9 month spand telIing people about my brand name to most of my riders, I picked up 4 different riders that all said the same thing that JVAN means LIFE, Youth & Young! They were all very excited to tell me this. Each rider thought wow what name for a Sportswear Apparel Company with that kind of meaning! Thats why they were excited to tell me. This is not an accident, I believe we have a purpose for creating this Brand Name. We hope that we can make difference in this world we live in by giving back someday! Think of us as being David going up against Goliath... We believe all things are possible!


Our MISSION STATEMENT - Our goal is to unite and change the world we live in... think higher things, think JVAN. It means life and it starts with you! So stay young and youthful by putting JVAN in your life today!