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As a fifth generation family business, our lifetime guarantee is less a policy decision and more an extension of our longstanding commitment to service and the firm belief that an Anglepoise is a lifelong companion.

Considering our impact on the world has taken on increasing importance over the past few years. With all our lamps now Guaranteed for Life, we are one step towards being better. We are always rethinking and refining the way we do business. Better today than we were yesterday, with a heritage to live up to, and a future to illuminate.


More than ever, we need to support our young designers. Designing for the sake of designing, attempting to resolve problems that do not exist is not acceptable. Our designers must address the many issues and challenges we face in terms of sustainability and by being a part of New Designers, we hope to influence the world of design through support and guidance.

We would like to encourage all young designers to apply and particularly welcome applications from underrepresented and disadvantaged groups.


Anglepoise have supported New Designers for 3 years.

Video: Anglepoise Brand Video

Anglepoise Task Lighting Award - Billy-Jo Pierce

Image: Work of Billy-Jo Pierce, 2021 winner of the Anglepoise Task Lighting Award


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Lewis Small, Product Designer at Anglepoise

Lewis joined Anglepoise in 2019 after specialising in lighting design at Northumbria University. The technical aptitude Lewis showcased at New Designers he now uses day to day when making physical prototypes and using Computer-Aided Design to design products for mass production. Influenced by industrial machinery and mechanisms, he aims to encourage user interaction whilst paying close attention to the functional details in each design. Recent work includes the design and development of a range of spare parts for product repairs.