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The BDC is home to more than one hundred businesses and attracts almost a million visitors to over two hundred and fifty events held at the venue each year. The family run business holds its people key to delivering its objectives, with a culture of empowerment and innovation embodied in its values.

BDC has long supported philanthropic activities, community projects, environmental initiatives and a strong commitment to health and wellbeing, all of which contribute to sustainable development. This continues to play a key part of the company objectives and day-to-day operations of the business; the importance of which is vital in establishing and protecting a better future for all.


With design at the very heart of its origins, the Business Design Centre (BDC) has been the event home of New Designers for over thirty years; welcoming the brightest minds entering the industry to showcase the future of design.

It is an honour to welcome students from all aspects of creative courses to come together over the two-week event to celebrate their work as well as highlighting their talent to businesses looking to attract the next bright young stars. Sponsoring the awards is an important way to reward those students who have demonstrated an exceptional level of creativity in their design approach as well as shining a spotlight on their work to the outside world.


The Business Design Centre has supported New Designers for 11 years.

New Designer show at the Business Design Centre, Islington. 
27/06/2019 - Photograph by Sam Frost ©2019 -

Image: New Designers 2019 at The Business Design Centre