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We create a fairer, healthier, more sustainable and regenerative world, using the power of creative thinking, that’s why Creative Conscience formed in 2012. 

We empower, inspire, train and reward creatives to apply their talents to socially valuable projects, promoting sustainability, regeneration, freedom, social health and wellbeing. 

We are a global movement that improves the communities we live and work in, helping to transform the wider world. We promote socially valuable, human centred design that enables and inspires people to change their lives and the lives of those around them for the better. 

We do this through our platform, events, education, talks, webinars, workshops, membership model, with our annual global awards scheme and through partnerships and collaborations, all with the aim of providing empowerment and practical tools to create positive impact. 

Our award scheme encourages young creatives to become the change makers the world needs and beyond the awards, we aim to bring some of the brightest and imaginable projects to life. We provide the tools, contacts and advice, encouraging the creators and their projects to build real, tangible impact in the world. 

We are a charitable incorporated organisation, built by a community and founded by Chrissy Levett. We encourage, recognise and reward creative thinking from around the world, across the creative spectrum, developing concepts and projects that are in line with our aims.


“Working with New Designers at the Business Design Centre is a natural partnership for Creative Conscience as we too put young creatives at the heart of everything we do through our work in the design industry, creative education, workshops, webinars, awards scheme and events. 

We believe it’s vital for young designers to have a platform to showcase their game changing work and shine, and thanks to New Designers, 3,000 students will have this opportunity. We know that young creatives have the power and talents to change our world for the better, and so, or the third year running, we are honoured to be one of the sponsors.” Chrissy Levett, Founder


Creative Conscience have supported New Designers for 3 years.

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Creative Conscience Social Impact - Lloyd Potter

Image: Work of Lloyd Potter, 2021 winner of the Creative Conscience Social Impact Design Award



In 2021 we received hundreds of outstanding entries and we would like to say a massive THANK YOU to each and every graduate that entered, for sharing our vision for a fairer, healthier more sustainable and regenerative world using the power of creativity.

We especially want to celebrate the work of the five finalists in each category – their ideas and creative solutions were impressive and inspiring. Special CONGRATULATIONS go to our category winners: Dominik Bondicov and Lloyd Potter, for thinking big and creating brave, impactful designs.

Image: ‘Compound’, work of Alex Witty, runner up 2021